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Caring for His children  

Increasing the Prayer life

Pastor Elias Moreroa

Greetings to all our visitors in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe as you visit this website you do so as a person who has known Christ as personal saviour,
       or as a person who want to do so. If you are still in doubt, we pray that the Lord Jesus should touch your heart and help you make that important decision to come to Him. 
              I will be talking about what happens when you increase your prayer life. I believe that the Lord Jesus will bless us as we talk about this important aspect of our Christian living. 
Prayer is important and should not be ignored. I will try talk about it so that it should not sound like another teaching on prayer, but should be a life changing teaching,
     hope to help those interested in this aspect of importance. May the Lord bless you and make you be strong in prayer and achieve more of your desires through prayer. 

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