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Caring for His children  


About Us


Pastor Elias Moreroa


Le’Tlhabile Word of Life Ministries is based in the Republic of South Africa in the North West province. We are between Pretoria and Brits in a rural area called Mmakau. We have another base in Maboloka under the pastoral ship of Pastor Andries Marakalla. The ministry was founded by Pastor Elias Moreroa in 1987. We would like to thank our God for carrying us since then until now. We enjoy being in His service.

In 1980 God showed me His hand coming down from heaven. At the time, I did not know it was God’s hand. I was surprised to see a big hand coming down from heaven. The hand was neither a black man nor a white man’s hand. It was of a glowing colour. I decided not to tell anyone about it. In the very same year, I saw a vision of multitudes of people and I ask God what those people were for? He told me “The hand that you saw wants these people” and I realized that I saw the hand of God. His message at the time was “if you love Me take care of My children”

It was clear that God wanted me in His service and hence the formation of this ministry. My wife and I had since been involved in the work of the Lord. God has been with us throughout and supported us. We have learned to depend on Him for everything. We have seen children of God been set free and learning to love God more in their lives.

Originally, we called the ministry word of life ministries until now recently when God spoke to us saying “look! The sun is risen, the light is there, it is time to work” we decided that everything we do in the ministry should represent what God is saying to us. We saw it fit to add to the name of the ministry “Le’Tlhabile”which means the sun is risen. We do not want to forget what God is saying to us and therefore everything must change to remind us of the message of God. We believe now that we are in the building stage of the ministry because God had started guiding us in what He actually want us to do. Since 2007, God has been teaching us things which make us better prepared for His work. We believe more than ever that God has a plan for this ministry.

 Keep on praying for us and may God bless you as you engage in praying for this ministry.  


 Contact the Pastor at eliasmoreroa@hotmail.com